Hi! I'm Alexandr Drach,
Graphic Designer & Programmer

About Me

There is much to write about professionalism and creative level of diligence in the work. But better then words and loud statements can tell about me, my experience, more then eight years and professionally done work in my portfolio. Inspired by the work in the areas of Web & mobile app design, UI/UX, Graphic design.

More details


Octopoly logo

Octopoly will be a domain registrar, selling domains, hosting, email, online services, etc.

Moya logo

Moya is a platform for web development. Target audience is software developers. The word Moya is Japanese for core of a building.

MrCash logo

Logo for a pawn shop

Art For Kids logo

Art For Kids Hub logo

Ausome Clock UI/UX

Alarm Clock that displays motivational quotes when the alarm goes off

Reverse UI/UX

This APP is a Game, in which players should answer the questions inverse and they have a limited time for each question.



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